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Generation-friendly shopping!

Our customers know and appreciate our unique generation-friendly shopping experience. And now it’s even become official: the German trade association HDE has awarded Scandinavian Park with the distinction „Generation-friendly Shopping“. Special attention was directed to accessibility for people with disabilities as well as general comfort.

Three years ago, we were first awarded for our safe and comfortable shopping experience: well-structured aisles, sufficient and pleasant lighting, non-slippery floors, easily readable price tags as well as comfortable resting areas were among the features that received praise from the jury. This year we were able to repeatedly meet all requirements and received a score of 95 out of 100 percentage points.

„We are extremely happy and proud about the award“, store manager Sven Johannsen says. „Providing the best shopping experience to customers of all age groups has always been important to us. Everyone should be able to enjoy our wide range of specialty products such as wine, spirits and sweets from Scandinavia and around the world“, Johannsen concludes.

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