Cheap border goods from Handewitt

Scandinavian Park border store

ScandiPark's shopping market is not a regular border shop or border trade as you know it from Germany. The market is large, as you can already sense when you arrive at the park via the E45 motorway. The shop with the large advertising banners can already be seen from the motorway - immediately afterwards, take the 1st exit after the border.

The border shop itself has a total sales area of 2,500m2. Here you get both:

  • soft drinks
  • bottled or tinned beer
  • spirits
  • red wines
  • white wines
  • rosé wines
  • chocolate
  • wine gum
  • chewing gum
  • sweets
  • liquorice
  • but also fresh produce and household products such as cleansers, detergents and much more.

Check out this month's offers in the cross-border store's promotional newspaper, which can be viewed online, as an e-paper or downloaded as a PDF.

Unlike many other German stores near Flensburg, the border shop is also open on Sundays and public holidays.

Contact us:

Tel. +49 (0) 4608 971650
Fax +49 (0) 4608 9716559

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The border shop with the cheap deals!

A good cross-border shop in Handewitt

In Handewitt in Flensburg, close to the Danish-German border and the E45/A7 motorway, Scandinavian Park shopping market is waiting for those who love to save money on great border goods. Scandinavian Park is a border shop out of the ordinary. Here, border shopping becomes a pleasure for the whole family! Both because of the selection and the impressive sales area.

Cross-border shopping the fun way

Scandiavian Park's border shop offers a total of 2,500 m2 of sales area filled with delicious border goods at cheap prices. If you've run out of beer, sweets, wine, drinks, spirits, candy, liquorice and chocolate, don't worry: visit the ScandiPark border shop in Handewitt and restock your personal stock in no time. The range includes something for every taste and occasion. For example, you can shop for cheap border goods to brighten up your weekdays and weekends. Dive into Scandinavian Park's sweets and candy department and buy cheap chocolate and sweets from well-known brands at German prices. At ScandiPark you'll find everything from Marabou, Toblerone, Milka, Kinder and Ferrero to Toms, Anthon Berg and much, much more. If you're planning a film night or birthday, a trip to ScandiPark in Handewitt is definitely in order. Buy lots of borderline products for little money! The selection of beverages is also excellent here at the Flensburg border shop in Handewitt: Buy duty-free drinks such as beer, soft drinks or cider at the Scandinavian Park border shop. Simply fill out the export declaration and you'll save the deposit on many drinks.

Best offers: Scandinavian Park

Special occasions call for special drinks. Looking forward to a wedding reception, confirmation, graduation party, Christmas party or Easter lunch? Or are you looking for a great gift for a loved one? Buy wine, spirits, whisky, rum, gin, vodka or sweets in XXL version at Scandinavian Park in Handewitt! The quality is top-notch, while the prices are naturally low.

Much more than just borderline products - save money in Handewitt!

At ScandiPark you can not only buy sweets, chocolate, frozen drinks, soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits. There's also a huge section for household goods. For example, cleaning products, detergents, disposable tableware, cleaning gloves, soap and much more. Even pet food is part of Scandinavian Park's selection, so you can also shop for cheap cat food and dog food. Yes, Scandinavian Park really does have something for everyone.

The border crossing shop in Handewitt: Shopping in ScandiPark

When you visit Scandinavian Park in Flensburg, you can also look forward to a large car park with space for both cars and motorhomes. The shopping centre is spacious and has plenty of room in the aisles. Shopping at ScandiPark in Handewitt is therefore always a positive experience. Don't forget to check the border shop's special offers and see which offers you must get your hands on. Are you getting hungry from shopping for border goods? Then you can enjoy a snack in one of the eateries, which you'll find at the entrance to the border shop. We look forward to seeing you at Scandinavian Park in Handewitt!